Friday, May 21, 2010

EPA Dioxin Toxicity Report Released For Review

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released its draft scientific report, “Reanalysis of Key Issues Related to Dioxin Toxicity and Response to NAS Comments”. The draft dioxin report is EPA’s response to key comments and recommendations made by the National Academy of Sciences on the agency’s draft dioxin reassessment. The draft report will now undergo scientific peer review by independent, external experts as well as public review and comment.

EPA previously asked the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) to review EPA’s 2003 draft dioxin reassessment. The NAS completed its review in 2006. The draft report contains the agency’s response to key comments and recommendations in the NAS’s 2006 report. EPA’s draft report also includes significant new analyses that relate to potential cancer and non-cancer human health effects that may result from exposures to dioxins. This draft dioxin report includes an oral reference dose (RfD) for TCDD -- the most well-studied and considered to be among the most toxic of the dioxin-like compounds. An RfD was not in the 2003 draft dioxin reassessment.

EPA’s draft scientific report will now undergo external peer review by an expert panel of scientists convened by EPA’s Science Advisory Board (SAB) in July 2010. Public comments on this draft report are being requested, and the Federal Register Notice provides details on how to submit comments.

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