Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HUD Section 50 Section 58 Environmental Review & Environmental Assessment

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires environmental reviews for housing projects to be completed prior to approval of financial assistance. The objective of the review process is to ensure that due diligence has been undertaken in identifying potential impacts, including both environmental and non-environmental impacts, associated with projects that use HUD funds. An Environmental Review required by HUD is not equivalent to a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.

The HUD Environmental Review process is driven by two regulations: 24 CFR Part 50 and 24 CFR Part 58. Part 50 pertains to the Department of Housing and Urban Development and those entities that have legal responsibilities to the Secretary of the Interior. In most cases this is HUD itself and state/city housing authorities. Part 58 pertains to those entities that do not have legal responsibilities to the Secretary (e.g., community housing and “faith-based” organizations).

The level or extent of the HUD Environmental Review is dependant on the type of proposed work, the number of units, or a percentage of total area can be a threshold. Under both Part 50 and Part 58, exemptions, categorical exclusions, documented categorical exclusions exist.

Caltha LLP provides expert consulting services to public sector and non-profit sector clients around the county to address HUD Environmental Review and HUD Environmental Assessment requirements.

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