Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Revised Navy Energy Policy

On July 10, U.S. Navy announced a new shore energy policy. A complete revision from the previous energy policy published in 1994, the Shore Energy Management Instruction codifies the Navy's strategy to ensure energy security meets federal mandates and executive orders and achieves Department of the Navy (DoN) shore energy goals.

The new policy is necessary, according to the Navy, because naval forces require constant support from shore installations. The Navy wants to mitigate its vulnerabilities related to the electrical grid, such as outages from natural disasters and man-made events, by lowering consumption, integrating renewable energy sources, and increasing control of energy supply and distribution. Energy reliability, resiliency, and redundancy are essential components of the Navy's Critical Infrastructure Protection program.

The revised policy includes specific responsibilities and actions that shore personnel must take in implementing the Navy Shore Energy program. Each Navy installation will have a tailored energy consumption reduction goal based on its unique energy situation. By increasing energy efficiency, the Navy hopes to reduce operating costs, multiply the impact of current and future alternative energy sources, and achieve renewable energy targets.

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