Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Smart Growth Workshop in Iowa

The City of Waverly, Iowa, will host a workshop and open house on May 26-27, to solicit input from residents on how the community should determine future growth. The events are designed to explore “Smart Growth” solutions for future community planning efforts.

“Smart Growth” planning is a concept that guides future development decision-making in ways that enhance economic opportunity, protect environmental resources and public health, and enhance the quality of life for citizens. For Waverly, “Smart Growth” will also examine how the community can become better prepared to withstand flooding.

Through such events, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Department of Agriculture - Office of Rural Development, the Rebuild Iowa Office and the Iowa Department of Economic Development are cooperating to assist flood-impacted Iowa communities that have expressed the desire to rebuild using the EPA Smart Growth Planning Program.

The workshop will allow participants to hear from national experts about preliminary design recommendations for neighborhoods around Waverly. Participants will be able to make comments and provide feedback on the designs. There will also be a discussion about Iowa’s Smart Planning Principles and how they can be applied in Waverly.

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